Dirty Hands Clean Money

Explanation of the Quote “Dirty Hands Clean Money”

The quote explains that when people do something illegal and shady, they always try to use “clean money” in order to hide what they did. For example, laundering money or bribing officials would be considered dirty hands but using clean money (such as legal business) in an illegal way is also wrong because your intentions are still unethical.

Money could be considered a physical manifestation of one’s character and values; therefore, we could say it represents the “dirty hands” because our value comes from within and this value is reflected in what we do and how we spend our time.

Money could also represent the “clean hands” because it is given a specific color when molded into tangible form. Generally, it is true that money looks clean no matter what one does to get it.

If we want to pick an example, many business owners use their clean money in order to bribe officials or commit some unethical corporate crime that would be harmful for everyone else. They do this via some legal loopholes that allow them to make illegal profits without spending dirty money (in most cases).

This quote could be applied to the financial crisis of 2007-2008 because many bankers used dirty but not illegal tactics in order to act like philanthropists while making huge profits at the same time. It is true that they did not break any laws and made “clean” money; however, they were still responsible for one of the worst economic meltdowns in our history. This

The quote could also be used as an analogy to corruption at various levels- for example, a “fair” judge can use his power in order to show favoritism towards one party. This is the judicial equivalent of using clean money for illegal purposes because they abused their power just like company owners that bribed officials with “clean” money.

The Author believes that there are no truly ‘Clean Hands’ or ‘Dirty Hands’ because everything has potential to transform into something bad given the right circumstances, which makes human beings essentially flawed.

Rather than making any person inherently good or evil, this is simply another means of describing how people are different from each other despite being similar on the most basic level.

People commit crimes but then use legal ways of investing or spending money to hide that they did something wrong. For example, they might go into business and invest in some good looking products so their dirty money would be “clean” after a few transactions. They could also bribe government officials with legal means so the consequences are not as severe as if they used dirty money. People who do this are considered “dirty hands”.

This quote has many applications but my favorite is when company owners use clean money to bribe officials. Many companies claim to follow strict ethical guidelines and want to be seen as global citizens; however, once you look at their financial statements it becomes clear that most of them bribe officials in order to expand into new markets.

This is a common practice in many parts of the world. The higher ranked the country is, the more likely it is that this happens because there are severe consequences for not obeying laws and regulations.